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Can Windows 7 Shutdown Button Look Like Vista One?


Its stupid. 0 2 years ago Reply mtiede I was VERY happy with win 8 the way it was. But Microsoft sacrificed the desktop for this, all the while they could create two very specifically tailored modes of operation that wouldn't interfere with each other. Says: May 20th, 2014 at 1:53 pm You forgot to mention how to Tweak the settings so that if the Windows Theme changes, the Mouse cursor size would NOT be affected! To create a DWORD, right-click in the white space on the right side of the window and select New then DWORD (32-bit) value. navigate here

Now here we are at March. And before I could right click and keep right clicking to select multple apps (I can still do this in xbox music). If you went ahead and enabled the ability mentioned above to “minimize Windows Store apps to the taskbar”, you will also see a minimize button next to the close button. At this screen, to shut down your computer you should click on the Turn Off button and to restart your computer and boot back into Windows you should click on the http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/change-the-windows-vista-power-buttons-to-shut-down/

Change What Power Button Does Windows 10

Windows just lost a 20 year customer over this shit. I have to disagree. 0 2 years ago Reply 2007H3 It's backward compatiblity from a UI perspective right? But I kinda realised that just going to the drop down box and choosing what to do is the same thing. I could go on, but I hope perhaps, the next time one of the idiots at Microsoft come up with another one of these truly moronic ideas, they may ask themselves,

everything we currently have is craptastic. A user can then enter login details without the need to shutdown the computer and start again. By logging off an account, all the previous user's programs and files will be closed. Windows 7 Change Shutdown Button To Log Off Group Policy Having the same amount of information on a start screen means I have to scroll across several "screens" worth of information, or condense everything down to the smallest tiles and magically

Check "Disable all Windows 8 hot corners." This setting will prevent the Charms and Windows 8 Start shortcut from appearing when you hover the mouse in a corner. I've lost it due to the tech guy doing a clean install recently. The "Control Panel" link just appeared in the latest update, yes, because users kept "whining" and Microsoft realized what they had done. http://www.classicshell.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=2591 But I do think MS is on the right track as they'll build in much needed improvements to bring folks along and smooth out the desktop experience. 0 2 years ago

Screw you idiots. How To Change Shutdown Settings Windows 7 I've tried the registry but no luck. The only real change i'd like is to make windows store apps be windowed, and windows applications to work like windows store apps. 0 2 years ago Reply SwimSwim The only Also, when you click the start orb, is the shutdown button (the button immediately to the right of the Start Search box), is reddish with a power-button logo on it (circle

  • BUT, why didn't they create a new OS for that instead of adding more code to an OS that, once you scratch the service still looks and feels and works like
  • Relax and customize it like you do an android os or leave it plain like an apple os.
  • START8 is the Start Menu add-on.
  • In other words, a waste of time.
  • The new way forces you to actually use the keyboard (to hold CTRL).
  • March 4, 2007 steve where is the "ask me what to do" option?
  • Windows 8 is 100X better on multiple displays than any previous version of windows and really any other OS I've ever seen. 0 2 years ago Reply schlubadub I would like

Windows 7 Power Button Action Registry

If you whined about the start button, you never learned the OS. 0 2 years ago Reply THE_Lawnboy I have experienced the same thing. 0 2 years ago Reply sibeans After http://www.homeandlearn.co.uk/bc/win7/windows7_start_button.html On W8 my start screen is a glut of mostly unrecognisable icons and tiles, so I just bypass it now for the desktop. 0 2 years ago Reply THE_Lawnboy +920! Change What Power Button Does Windows 10 Done – your Start Button will now display a list of apps to you when pressed, instead of the default Windows 8 Start Screen. Power Button Action Greyed Out Thank you very much.

Everything else is highly organised so I can find it quickly, assuming I can't find it by quickly searching in the keyword box. check over here THANK YOU SO MUCH for showing me how to fix my previously unusable windows 8 machine. with best regard! FOLLOW US Twitter Facebook Google+ RSS Feed Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. Windows 7 Change Shutdown Button To Log Off For All Users

Professionals of all types have to learn something new to keep their jobs going. I do believe that 7 is in most settings the best windows has developed. Microsoft should have done a better job before releasing this os for both desttop and mobile. his comment is here One perfect example, in WP81 you have to prepare for your app to be terminated and restarted before you call the FilePicker API!

That'd be much less jarring. 0 2 years ago Reply anon(5445874) +920/surfacepro 0 2 years ago Reply iyae Except its not. Windows 7 Start Menu Shutdown Button Change I didn't need a computer screen that looks like my phone, I can still tell the difference. Anywho, could you help me?

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What a shoddy effort. At the bottom of the Settings Charm screen you will see a icon that looks like a power button and is labeled Power. After you click Finish, you should now have a new icon that you can double-click to immediately shutdown, restart, or lock your computer. Windows 10 Power Button Action July 10, 2007 Rick Lawrence, Click the start orb, then in the "Start Search" box (or Run if you have it configured to be showing) type "gpedit.msc" (w/o the quotes).

To access the Windows 8 Start Menu, right-click on the Windows 8.1 Start button () and the Windows 8.1 Start Menu will appear as shown in the image below. I'm happy after getting so cheap oem licenses.  You can also get an unused Windows 7(any version)8, 8.1 pro License key from: ODosta Store Otherwise, FPP keys are very costly, A lot of apps don't need to be the full height of my screen - it would be fantastic to have 6-8 apps on the screen at once, instead of the weblink Also i click on shutdown button immediately right of start search box.

October 17, 2010 max The sleep icon isn't working on windows 7? Ask a Question Publish Subscribe SUBMIT Follow Us MOST POPULAR 1 Best and Worst Laptop Brands - 2015 Ratings 2 How to Delete the Windows.old Folder in Windows 10 3 Edge November 20, 2010 naeem Hey there i have a 32 bit pc with vista and i love it but very recently when i open the start menu the shut down is July 8, 2008 Lee 1) apply the latest BIOS update 2) apply the latest Chipset update 3) apply the latest service pack for your Windows July 13, 2008 Bryan THANKS!

Nothing really clean about how it works - just looks better and wobbles all over the place like a jelly trifle. (~: Ric :~) 0 1 year ago Reply schlubadub Completely Then everyone can choose their way, and stop being hypocritical douche-bags about "the way it should be done..." There is no "one way" of doing something.. -- Sorry if I am Did all the posters here also fail to read them? I know I can install a them, but I'd really love to remove the Start Menu and add the shortcuts that make it easier to get to things in Windows 8.

Although I did recognize that the hidden UI elements such as the charms and appswitcher should be onscreen if you have a large monitor. Regardless of how old it is to you, there is no telling how log it has been on a shelf somewhere. You may need to enter your email address to receive a download link. Interface requires huge work, return real Start Menu/Update Icons on the desktop which haven't been updated for years, Redesign Control Panel and put real interface similar to Windows XP,but little better

By the way, I reinstalled Win last week after need to reformat C:, plus Norton 360. WHile they should still push for a touch UI even on touch-friendly desktops, they should include a productivity mode that inverts the UI by placing modern apps within the desktop and I can no longer participate in the one online game I've played for years because it's a timed-game. Using this method, you would not have to switch completely away from your desktop and thus would enable a more efficient workflow.

with warm regards, mayank madhur December 4, 2009 Claude If the sleep command hibernates the computer, just turn off hibernation: type "powercfg -h off" at the command prompt. I only had Vista just over a month. I'm still waiting for Microsoft to allow metro apps as normal windows on the desktop. How do I make it enter standby even if the display is on power saving on Win 7?

Keyboard shortcuts are the key to the kingdom but good luck entraining that. Enjoy http://gallery.live.com/liveItemDetail.aspx?li=256d9a65-763a-4423-9d9c-81598bd89d8e&bt=1&pl=1 February 4, 2009 Tapesh Thanks. It isn't that easy to upgrade when it will cost a company hundred of thousands to upgrade equipment because software isn't compatible and current software is obsolete. Being more productive and efficient means not having to stop and take classes or watch tutorials made by children on YouTube to learn a silly new user interface clearly made for