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Installed Windows 8 Not Happy


WHY did i choose windows 8??? Tablets upgrade, phones upgrade. It continues to try to take me back to 8.1 even with my recovery media created in 8. Any help uninstalling 8.1 or fixing these issues would be greatly appreciated. have a peek here

roy69 View Public Profile Find More Posts by roy69 13 Mar 2013 #4 alphanumeric Windows 10 Education 64 bit 4,456 posts Sydney, Nova Scotia You may have to Problem resolved. The user interface is a work in progress:  Agreed here.  There is a surprising lack of consistency in the menus.  This is not a really problem, but a surprising oversight with I don't like it. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/installed-windows8-and-not-happy-with-it-and-want/ca5c1fc1-46f1-4cbc-b9d8-8c7626b967c7

Downgrade To Windows 8 After 30 Days

This folder allows you to restore that previous version directly from Windows 10, without any additional hassle. With Windows 10, Microsoft are forcing machines to update with no option to stop it, If you are old enough (doubtful from your post) you will know Microsoft has a terrible Andy It is affecting Steam and other games as well. I had to reinstall completely.

HATE it!!!! Considering I don't have installation CD because my laptop came with the os already up and I'm in deep hate with app store, I'm currently playing eeny meeny miny moe whether Reply Leo November 20, 2014 at 10:04 pm The best approach is almost always: backup completely install the OS from scratch using the installation disks install your applications from scratch from Windows 10 Downgrade Problems However, it feels that Microsoft may have rushed the operating system to get it out to the masses as quick as possible.

Wookie Radeon graphics driver (Catalys Control Center) can't be installed on win 8.1. My sound blaster z, which worked fine on 7 and 8, has annoying random dropouts on 10. Answer the confirmation prompt affirmatively and wait for the cleanup process to finish. Downgrading from Windows 10 When you install Windows 10 as an upgrade on a PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8, the old version of the OS remains stored in a

It's time the fat and lazy American's either hold themselves accountable for allowing these colossal corporation failures to happen by disconnecting themselves from the hive mind *IE Fanwars* or shut up Windows Update Messed Up My Computer Reply bedlamb February 18, 2014 at 11:14 am Classic Shell user here. SA GM Please I installed windows 8.1 ,but after I do that the bluetooth of PC does not work I don not know why!!. You can't go back to anything before 8.1 was installed.

Downgrade To Windows 8 From 10

Simple, perhaps, but not easy. How about out right theft of all data..! Downgrade To Windows 8 After 30 Days They have the exact same installation files.Just don't use those pirated keygen or codes as it is illegal. 3) Your original purchased Windows 8 license key code. *** Remember to back Windows 10 Ruined My Laptop I am furious that Microsoft has forcibly upgraded my computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

For supposedly smart people, collectively I doubt that you could find your arse with both hands! http://darrenburnhill.com/windows-10/cannot-get-installed-japanese-fonts-to-show-up.html For example, with the new Mail app, I'm unable to view at a glance how many new emails I have to go through on all my accounts. Windows 8 is a disaster and 8.1 has completely screwed up my wifes computer. John C. How To Go Back To Windows 9 From Windows 10

  1. The company now offers Windows DVD Player in the Store, but you probably don't want to spend $14.99 on something that you can get for free when using other applications such
  2. From my experience I find it best to perform a fresh install of Win 7 or 8/8.1 and then perform the upgrade to Win 10.
  3. You can't access the desktop unless you have a shortcut tile on Start to access File Explorer.
  4. My WEI is as follows: CPU: 7.6 (no overclocking yet) Memory 7.6 (no overclocking yet) Performance & Maintenance I have installed Internet Explorer 9 and not happy.Is there a way to
  5. whether you are on iOS, OS X or Win10, even Win7, the OS is NEVER complete!
  6. I can't surf internet,can't open my store,can't change my pc setting.
  7. I literally had to go to my other Windows XP Based PC, and use that version of Paint to perform that task!
  8. As such, for users outside of the supported regions, this could be considered another reason not to upgrade.
  9. I installed this a couple of weeks ago over my Windows 8 Pro.
  10. Need to deal with your network connections?

Low temps.   0 1 year ago Reply Marie20707 I absolutely HATE IT!!!!!!  I have always felt that Microsoft was intrusive, but the fact that they default your settings to share Did you ever try DOS 2.0? It can take five to ten minutes to read/refresh an external drive of any sort: hard, flash, thumb…all take a long time to open and often do not read completely. Check This Out If you have an official Windows 8.1 update already running on your Windows 8 device, you might want to try the following advices, but most likely, just like Microsoft said, there

Of course, it could also just be me and my touchscreens, and my difficulty in using them. Windows 10 Rollback Not Working OneDrive:  This was a real bummer.  I am hopeful that with all of the complaining about this issue, MS will provide a hybrid solution between the old way and the new or they buy a new computer.     ITS NOT WINDOWS 10!!!     0 1 year ago Reply 00198-008 What has forcing updates on end-users got to do with “learning

I should have know MS odd number releases always suck!

Our current Win 7 and now Win 8 (Upgraded to 8.1 w/o permission) Toshiba's only have the Restore disks we created… sotong "Our current Win 7 and now Win 8 (Upgraded So what if you want to roll back after the 30-day mark? What if I need it? Windows 10 Killed My Laptop I did not get a disc with my new computer and the system restore does not even show the install.

It may relieve some frustration to realize that it is your computer, but that the operating system really does not belong to you in the way that you are thinking. WHY did i choose windows 8??? Follow the prompts & locate your Windows 8 system image (I assume you have created it in an external hard drive or USB thumb drive). 7) Proceed to recover system image. http://darrenburnhill.com/windows-10/installed-in-uefi-now-a-new-problem.html Wish I never istalled 8.1 Angst Since removing removing Win 8.1 and installing Win 7 looks to be almost impossible, solution might be to buy a new hard drive and start

Are most older programs compatible with Windows 8? Complaining just isn't going to help. fuckoff-NSA-and Bill Gates I cant sign in to my skydrive using my local account. No personal information.

Then click on OK. I had Win 7 on it since it first came out and I believe it all the installed software and drivers was in conflict with the upgrade. Reply ICH5000 June 2, 2014 at 8:08 am Very good reply Wayne. There are also many "cute" additions which make Windows 10 cumbersome and frustrating.

My suggestion is 1) contact seller for windows 8 disc & license code, 2) take laptop to the seller & ask them nicely to reinstall Windows 8 back for you, 3) That being said maybe you should go read a bible, and then go FUCK YOURSELF. This is a great accomplishment that also allows developers to build apps once and target millions of devices without much effort. So far, I do like it better than 8.1 but I'm holding out before I upgrade any other computers. 0 1 year ago Reply r4incs Well, there is another reason: if

Oh and don't get your hopes up anyways about this "amazing new version of Windows". Classic Shell: Regain your Start menu in Windows and much more. Keep in mind that if you're on a laptop, the option will only work if you connect it to a power source.