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How To Remove Red Bar (full Drive) For Manufacturer Recovery Partition

So here goes: The version of the AI Recovery Utility currently shipping on all G75s does not recover systems with 1TB hard drives. Ill Do a recording on my macbook, since it does pretty much the same thing. It really get annoyed whenever i see my bar is RED T-T Please help me.http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg841/scaled.php?server=841&filename=herei.png&res=landing Cecil_209906-14-2012, 05:08 PMDoes your X42J come with a single physical hard drive or two? I have error after that. http://darrenburnhill.com/how-to/need-to-remove-old-windows-7-from-partition.html

Thanks for all your help thank you. No matter what you choose, consider creating a Windows System Image with Windows Backup and Restore. just a little psycho :D As I said, I will try with the last version 1.0.28 just released. Or the computers i have tested it on does not have the correct AI recovery installed. http://www.sevenforums.com/performance-maintenance/240915-how-remove-red-bar-full-drive-manufacturer-recovery-partition.html

Great to hear the good news. From here i just added back in the disks and it the process started all over again but with the same problem again would i have to follow these steps to You will not get an option to choose which one to keep and which one to erase. When you say "whenever i insert a clean DVD, after awhile it rejected from burning." Do you mean it burns then ejects and ask you for another blank DVD?

  1. If it's two, you should be able to use your system's recovery discs to restore to the larger drive.
  2. Under normal circumstances, when a drive turns red, you need to move or delete files from the drive to make more space on the drive.
  3. You can also search Google on how to use it.
  4. It's all explained.
  5. So yes, you can leave it and have two sources to restore from.
  6. Um, i Did for the last disc, tried it on my PC hard drive with the first disc i have(which was a 640gb) and it did the same thing, Restarted.

Read thru the beginning of this topic a couple of times before you even try to start. I went in and burned my DVD's and tried to remove some bloatware by doing a clean install. Just two important questions about: 1. Can I just download everything on asus website, put it on a dvd, format the computer then install it one by one?

So what we should do is moving more free space into Drive C in order to resolve the low disk space thoroughly. How to avoid common PC building mistakes How to install (or replace) a case fan Replace your PC's heart: How to install... Regards, john_from_ohio06-29-2012, 11:51 PMHi All: I just had the unpleasant experience of doing a factory restore to my G75VW with the 1Tb hdd to find that I cannot boot into Windows It does not get deleted unless you use a partition management software and manually delete the partition.

For example if the computer name is BOB-PC, the folder containing the backup files would be named BOB-PC and would be deleted. Glad you read through it and found it helpful. I have some question to ask you before i start reformating on monday, During the recovery mode, will there be some errors poping out? A few notes/assumptions prior to starting: - Your computer is off and no DVDs are in the optical drive. - You have only one drive connected to the G75 on the

However if you restore from the Recovery DVDs you burn (boot from the Recovery DVDs), then it will restore the recovery partition and the F9 functionality. http://newwikipost.org/topic/nfd7WKqot9u3hDziwdVfXpLr5Jtu7dW3/Facory-Image-D-full-recovery-partition.html Miss_Vampi08-12-2012, 08:21 AMCONFIRMED: USING RECOVERY DVD'S FROM THE SAME MODEL AND OS WORKS Here's a summary of my case and what I learned: I wanted to get rid of the bloatware it takes a really long time ... Yes also possible to do a fresh install will work ONLY with a win 7 install disk that already has SP1 on it ...

You can extend partition C by disk management. http://darrenburnhill.com/how-to/how-can-i-remove.html Cecil_209908-07-2012, 05:39 AMAlso you need to remember that your computer will restart itself when it's setting itself up after rebuilding the recovery partition. Thanks Cecil! i will try now...

You can use third-party software to help extend partition C. You will not get an option to choose which one to keep and which one to erase. It is not a big deal to put in your correct key for windows although if done enough times may trigger in a telephone based activation call to microsoft for verification Check This Out The size and type of DVD media should not matter and it should work with the DVDs you have listed.

I had to order a disk from the ASUS e-store. All too often these are included as disk images or a bootable recovery partition on the main hard drive. You will get another "AI RECOVERY" dialogue box, this time telling you "Restoring will overwrite your hard drive.

Restarts my Mac @ step 6(according to your thead.) The hard drive i have on the mac, is a 250gb hard drive.

Finally it took me to the WINDOWS BOOT MANAGER error. Let's try ;) Rius08-06-2012, 11:01 AMThe first thing I do when I buy a laptop is to wipe off the recovery partition and the pre loaded Windows! Select your optical drive (on my G75VW-BBK5 that is the HL-DT-ST drive) and hit 'Enter' key. Because my HDD has a GPT partition table and not a MBR partition table...

usb reinstallation is about 10 min. It's normal now. Hydroxide06-16-2012, 04:06 AMSo I just need the Iso file to be in the cd? this contact form If it fails, then either your media is bad or your burner is bad. 2) Try buying some new DVDs to burn onto. 3) Try burning at the slowest write speed

The computer will automatically eject the first DVD and prompt you to insert the second DVD and later the third DVD. was to remove all partitions and then format. No matter what you choose, consider creating a Windows System Image with Windows Backup and Restore. My C drive is running low whenever i want to download something it says my disk space is full please format it.

You will lost all your data in your disk if you continue with the data recovery operation." Click the 'OK' button. Just two important questions about: 1. I shouldnt have problems doing this right?