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Toshiba HDD - Who Makes Them Now? Is It Hitachi?


Re-emerged selling cartridges for their previously-discontinued products. dead good info but i need to know how is tosibha 1tb is against 1tb seagate and 1 tb wd green. Thomas Daniel Horton It's not a cherry picking process. Usually the drives we validate are familiar to us—drives we have experience with. his comment is here

December 31, 2002. ^ "Hitachi Completes Transfer of Hard Disk Drive Business to Western Digital" (Press release). http://toshiba.semicon-storage.com/us/product/storage-products/specialty/md04abaxxxv.html http://toshiba.semicon-storage.com/us/product/storage-products/client-hdd/md04acaxxx.html dan have you guys done ANY testing with the new Seagate SMR drives? The only 3 that have lasted are the 2tb Seagates which are running 4 years now with no problems. Xavier de Miguel From the data, it seems to me that WD has a quality control problem. my company

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WESTERN DIGITAL NEVER AGAIN. After Toshiba took over the business, the early 3TB drives (model: DT01ACA300) were dual branded Hitachi 3TB drives, model: HDS723030BLE640. I remember back in the mid 90s when 4GB, not 4TB drives were the norm there was a batch of bad bearings that made it into the supply chain.

  1. Oh and HGST is now a WD company.
  2. In November 2013, the company announced a 6TB capacity drive filled with helium.[10] In September 2014, the company announced a 10TB helium drive, which uses shingled magnetic recording to improve density.[11]
  3. Big hit to my bank account but I can stand it.
  4. That said, if you're really hitting the share that heavily, you might want to consider repurposing an older computer as a Linux server, installing a pair of enterprise-class drives in an
  5. The 2.5″ Seagate Momentus ST9750423AS (5400 RPM) HDD seems to have held up good so far for me.

They'll hit the roads like usual in a couple of hours figure out if it's safe IanCutress: @Dresdenboy exceeds TDP, or exceeds power consumption? Dave_Hart It's an interesting study. Trending: Hands on: Apple's AirPods are 'magical' Tech Forecast 2017: IT sharpens its focus Newsletters Resources/White Papers Search computerworld Sign In | Register Hi! Hgst 2tb Terms & Privacy Subscribe ▲ Learn more about PCWorld's Digital Editions    🔎 Home News Reviews How-To Video Business Laptops Tablets Phones Hardware Graphics Cards Input Devices Displays Printers

The use of low priced consumer drives at this volume provides the bulk of the users with very valid information. Hgst Hdd A Look at Backblaze’s Toshiba Hard Drives May 13th, 2015 Over the past year or so we’ve covered the virtues and vices of nearly all the different hard drives we use That's why I have automated backups of everything, and I've decided to start replacing all magnetic drives at around 3-4 years, before they show any symptoms of failure. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HGST The operating environment plays a roll too, specifically temperature.

We remove the drives one at a time, check the serial number on the side and replace the failed drive when it is found. Toshiba Hard Drive Diagnostic It would be insane not to, since they are buying in such huge numbers, and Apple is all about being the premium product. I don't know anything about Fujitsu drives. Both have an issue where I hear them power on and off endlessly "click whirrrr, click, whirrr" but not a click like the click-of-death, just one indicating the drive shutting off.

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I switched from seagate to toshiba about 3 years ago and i have 6 2tb units, which run 24/7, in a small home server used for active/instant backup in all network https://www.backblaze.com/blog/a-look-at-backblazes-toshiba-hard-drives/ Most of the failures for good drives occur because UPS notes that they are allowed to drop packages 6 feet. Hgst External Hard Drive I guess, that in the disk pods, vibration is more of a problem and in desktop environments, cooling is more of a problem, because these pods seem to have enough airflow Hgst Vs Wd I don't think it's terribly likely for any drive to fail in one year, but what about 5?

I've had awful results from so-called Barebones/OEM drives from all retailers, which is why I'll only buy retail kits now, though they are not necessarily easy to find or the best Hard drives from Toshiba and Western Digital are also represented, but one weakness of the data is the much smaller sample size. January 6, 2003. ^ Hitachi buys IBM disk drive business, June 6, 2002 Archived March 11, 2011, at the Wayback Machine. ^ "Hitachi and IBM Complete Hard Disk Drive Agreement" (Press they claim if you buy their product they will give you free clone disk software. Most Reliable Hard Drive 2016

The trends here match what we've observed in previous quarters, and there aren't any significant changes to report to relative drive rankings. If the drive is totally failed, it would be the one with no HDD activity light, and could be identified at a glace - this would be quicker than visually scanning press release) v t e Hitachi Divisions and subsidiaries Current Clarion Hitachi Cable Hitachi Cable Manchester Hitachi Canadian Industries Hitachi Capital Hitachi Construction Machinery Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) Hitachi Consulting Hitachi http://darrenburnhill.com/hard-drive/hard-drive-makes-boot-hang.html http://jmack.parhelic.com/ Jordan Mack Yes, it is a shame that larger companies are not sharing this information.

I had to pay to return it because THEIR crappy packers killed my drive. Hgst 4tb This is the missing data. The Hitachi drives, while nice, are about twice as expensive as an equivalent Seagate.

RAID 0 is great for performance, but there's no redundancy so that doesn't even register on my radar.

Finally, the drives that they liked, WD Red and Hitachi, have completely different characteristics. This time around, though, Seagate dropped its failure rate to 3.48 percent on a total 36,863 drives. BDK Samsung Spinpoint F3 drives are extremely reliable. Toshiba Hard Drive Reliability All rights reserved.

Is it Hitachi? I asked the tech guy at WD what computer companies install WD drives in their products and he wouldn't answer me, its not the first time a customer has called JUST RKflorida However, those are the exact types of drives most of us have in our computers. Over time, there is a 100% failure rate on all lines in all brands.

Iceland wants you Data storage service provider Backblaze yesterday revealed failure rates A. I wondered if you had data from OEM's on how many bad hard drives they receive? Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.

Needless to say, dell provided seagate drives. I actually warn people, if they have a choice to get anything but a WD drive." Your statement above that WD is the absolute worse gets refuted when you say, "From But if it makes the customer happy, then give the customer what they want RyanSmithAT: @chrisheinonen Aye. I have recently bought a 2tb Toshiba drive over the usual WD lot due to the price.

DezzNutz Well. In the last table, third column (titled ‘Storage in GB') really means ‘Storage in TB per pod', right? It was a speedy drive, and ran with noticeably less vibration than the other brands I owned. A hard drive will not survive that.

Windows 7 Help Forums Windows 7 help and support Hardware & Devices » User Name Remember Me? I know there's things like ZFS, but I want something that appears in Windows as a single volume, doesn't requires another, dedicated box, and can be handled by my motherboard's firmware… Dian Aleksandrov I have a Seagate Momentus 60G (laptop )from around 2004~ and it's still working silently fredlave I wonder which external hard drives are most reliable. It died within months of purchase.

jtaylor991 Why wouldn't they replace those? It was an oem drive off ebay, and I have a 100gb one running just fine on my intel system. (Other system is a Phenom, soon to become a piledriver). Apply Cancel Log in Most commented stories • In the lab: Intel's Core i3-7350K CPU[98] • Kaby Lake Pentiums gain Hyper-Threading and lose ECC support[71] • Windows Insider build 15002 offers From HGST to Seagate to Western Digital hard drives, we’ve charted drive hours, plotted failure rates, reported on drive temperature and more.

Most of the time, those studies are overtly self-serving. No matter what statistics and failure analysis nerds think of its methodology, there’s still a lot of nuggets of gold. MD04ABAxxxV is Toshiba's "specialty" drive, for video surveillance, 5400rpm.