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Swap Hard Drive On Identical PCs And Retain All Programs


or what do you mean with 'comitted to the registry'? –stijn Jul 7 '12 at 16:14 2 @stijn I should have worded that differently... The hardware is so different, this is likely the best bet. A clean install is recommended when changing motherboards.You didn't say what your OS is. There are some downsides, however. have a peek here

Who needs to deal with moving all of their files, settings, and applications manually? piece of pie" (bonus to you if ya remeber the movie / character who got that quote in the backwards way presented). The Crucial BX100 250 Gigabyte SSD was just what I needed.Since I did not want to set up the system anew, the decision was made to clone the current drive instead If this is the case, then the answer to your question is an unequivocal NO.

Swapping Hard Drives From One Computer To Another

No two machines are identical by RVHAT / June 21, 2016 6:28 AM PDT In reply to: No 2 machines are "identical" to Windows Yes, this is right. "Windows looks at The operating system will attempt to detect your new hardware and install compatible drivers when it boots, but it may not be successful, and if it’s not you may not be The issue was the same with my attempts on XP, Vista, Windows 8.1I'm guessing perhaps Macrium alters some files in the Windows operating system, to perhaps tell Windows that it is

and go from there. These preinstalled versions of Windows are OEM ("original equipment manufacturer") copies, and are designed to be locked to the hardware they were originally installed on. Microsoft doesn't want you to be able to After booting to the "new" system drive, run winsat formal from an elevated command prompt and then reboot+login a couple of times, to make sure Windows recognizes it is dealing with Swapping Hard Drives Between Same Model Laptops Reply Hollister August 31, 2015 at 11:19 am # Thanks for sharing, I didn't know it.

Long long ago and far far away ... ... Switching Hard Drives Between Computers Is it true? Anyhow - clone one of the hardrives - the one you favor the most - to a HD the same size using the caddy - and then put it in the solved Trayed vs.

Check out our guide to hard drive cloning How To Clone Your Hard Drive How To Clone Your Hard Drive Copy the entirety of one hard drive to another. Moving Hard Drive To New Computer Windows 10 For a drive that is failing this is the way to go. This is especially important if the destination is larger than the source. Not the OS and not the system and not the programs.3) If you don't need to run at the same time, you can always swap a drive back and forth as

  • To do this I have what I call my portable disk: a USB drive that contains all of my data and a few "portable" programs that don't require installation on the
  • Choosing to clone also means you can take advantage of a newer, quicker hard drive instead of sticking with your original Windows install drive, which might be obsolete.
  • by Lee Koo (ADMIN) CNET staff/forum admin / June 10, 2016 4:22 PM PDT I want to be able to swap out hard drives between two Dell XPS 8700 desktops, so
  • Maybe, down the road with more computing experience, he could be able to achieve some of what is explained here?
  • Excuses about something wrong with the system is ridiculous.
  • With an OEM edition of Windows, i.e.
  • Don't do it.Without knowing why you want to do this and we can only guess, I think your best option would be to buy your second machine from wherever but look
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Switching Hard Drives Between Computers

When you install Windows, it becomes tied to the hardware on that PC, and if you put it into a new PC, you'll encounter a few problems. http://www.howtogeek.com/239815/why-cant-you-move-a-windows-installation-to-another-computer/ I've taken my Linux drive out of my laptop and popped it into many client laptops to prove to my clients how smart Linux is. Swapping Hard Drives From One Computer To Another Also, make sure only the boot/OS drive is connected during the install process so that the boot loader and OS end up on the same drive. Swapping Hard Drives Between Laptops We do it frequently.

in big corporate IT - we usually solve this in a slightly different way - with software and data strategies that support this kind of topology: Have two (or more if navigate here What can I do? I transferred a SSD from a HP dual core AMD to a Dell Precision 8 core Intel. SATA connectors are fragile by verdyp / June 18, 2016 1:00 AM PDT In reply to: Sure - if the machines are identical ... How To Swap Hard Drives Without Reinstalling Windows

Get downloadable ebooks for free! Remove files from the source partition so the used space is less than the SSD size. solved What's the best way to move everything except for my OS to my new Hard Drive? Check This Out i try many softwares but i am still finding solutionthanks in Advance Reply Anonymous June 30, 2016 at 7:22 pm # I tried everything does not work with me.

The GPT designation has to be set prior to cloning; it affords more flexibility for future cloning. Move Hard Drive To New Computer Windows 7 Won't Boot solved How can I swap my current hard drive into a D drive when I install my new SSD Have to swap memory to see all my SATA hard drives can Years ago, all that was needed was a product key and a computer running Windows.

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And would it be possible to boot from them to test the cloned drive's bootability?One annoying thing with Windows 7 is that no matter how I tweak the BIOS settings on That hard drive still has windows 2000 installed on the C drive while i have files/ documents on my D drive. With Backupper, some months back I needed to download an image of a bootable rescue disc. Adding Old Hard Drive To New Computer This copies all contents of that drive to the destination drive.Click on "select a disk to clone to" on the next screen, and pick the new drive.

On my laptop, it's a PITA to test clones, but his desktop has mobile drive racks for easy drive-swapping, and Macrium has never made a bad clone. But the Reflect front end is much easier to use, so once again I returned to Reflect. Not everyone uses an OEM licence.Anyway these licences are checked by Windows: if you move a drive from an activated machine to another, there will be another activation for the new http://darrenburnhill.com/hard-drive/is-my-hard-drive-going-bad.html That is a question.

I feel that I've TRIED EVERYTHING to solve that problem (spending MANY days in total, over the long years, attempting to solve it, to no avail: the windows clone would ALWAYS Easier way to swap laptop hard drives? But if the OP wants to take this drive (or even a clone) and move it to another computer and boot that, it probably would not work due to activation issues. Thank you!

It may also require more program research and investment of your time. Windows 7 is more lenient than XP in this situation anyway. (More build-in drivers.) Also: Windows in general seems not to throw a fit if you visualize physical hardware to a It's best to recreate the partition so you are sure all old data is gone. Each piece of hardware has its own serial number (for lack of a better term) and it is identified when the software is installed.

piece of pie" (bonus to you if ya remeber the movie / character who got that quote in the backwards way presented). In practical reality, this is probably not going to work. The fact is that software is designed to so that one copy runs on one machine. It is on the hard drive.